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О лаборатории
Научный семинар

  Основные научные результаты за 2018 год изложены в теоретических и экспериментальных исследованиях участников проекта в следующих печатных работах:

1. Popov S.M., Butov O.V., Chamorovskiy Y.K., Isaev V.A., Kolosovskiy A.O., Voloshin V.V., Vorob’ev I.L., Vyatkin M.Y., Mégret P., Odnoblyudov M., Korobko D.A., Zolotovskii I.O., Fotiadi A.A. «Brillouin lasing in single-mode tapered optical fiber with inscribed fiber Bragg grating array», Results in Physics, V. 9, P. 625–627, 2018.

2. Popov S.M., Butov O.V., Chamorovski Y.K., Isaev V.A., Mégret P., Korobko D.A., Zolotovskii I.O., Fotiadi A.A. «Narrow linewidth short cavity Brillouin random laser based on Bragg grating array fiber and dynamical population inversion gratings», Results in Physics, V. 9, P. 806–808, 2018.

3. Boucher Y.G., Bentivegna F.F.L., Dadoenkova Y.S. «Supermodes in Coupled Bigyrotropic Slab Waveguides», IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, V. 54, Iss. 4, P. 1–8, 2018.

4. Fiber laser for application in phase sensitive optical time domain reflectometry / под ред. A.L. Carter, I. Hartl. SPIE, 2018. – 86 p.

5. Sensitivity of high Rayleigh scattering fiber in acoustic/vibration sensing using phase-OTDR / под ред. F. Berghmans, A.G. Mignani. SPIE, 2018. – 48 p.

6. Cost-effective laser source for phase-OTDR vibration sensing / под ред. F. Berghmans, A.G. Mignani. SPIE, 2018. – 100 p.

7. Modeling of a semiconductor laser coupled to an external fiberoptic ring resonator / под ред. K. Panajotov, M. Sciamanna, R. Michalzik. SPIE, 2018. – 66 p.

8. Surface plasmon polariton generation in a single-walled carbon nanotube / под ред. D.L. Andrews, J.-M. Nunzi, A. Ostendorf, A.J. Bain. SPIE, 2018. – 168 p.

9. Generation of dark soliton trains with high repetiton rates through dissipative four wave mixing / под ред. A.C. Peacock, B.J. Eggleton, N.G.R. Broderick. SPIE, 2018. – 92 p.

10. Abramov A.S., Zolotovskii I.O., Moiseev S.G., Sementsov D.I. «Amplification and generation of surface plasmon polaritons in a semiconductor film–dielectric structure», Quantum Electronics, V. 48, Iss. 1, P. 22–28, 2018.

11. Dadoenkova Y.S., Zolotovskii I.O., Panyaev I.S., Sannikov D.G. «Difference-Frequency Generation of THz Radiation via Parametric Three-Wave Interaction in CdTe and ZnTe Crystals», Optics and Spectroscopy, V. 124, Iss. 5, P. 712–719, 2018.

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14. Moiseev S.G., Dadoenkova Y.S., Kadochkin A.S., Fotiadi A.A., Svetukhin V. V., Zolotovskii I.O. «Generation of Slow Surface Plasmon Polaritons in a Complex Waveguide Structure with Electric Current Pump», Annalen der Physik, V. 530, Iss. 11, P. 1800197, 2018.

15. Dadoenkova Y., Dadoenkova N., Krawczyk M., Lyubchanskii I. «Goos–Hänchen effect for Brillouin light scattering by acoustic phonons», Optics Letters, V. 43, Iss. 16, P. 3965–3970, 2018.

16. Khokhlova A., Zolotovskii I., Stoliarov D., Vorsina S., Liamina D., Pogodina E., Fotiadi A.A., Sokolovski S.G., Saenko Y., Rafailov E.U. «The Photobiomodulation of Vital Parameters of the Cancer Cell Culture by Low Dose of Near-IR Laser Irradiation», IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, V. 25, Iss. 1, P. 1–10, 2019.

17. Moiseev S.G., Glukhov I.A., Ostatochnikov V.A., Anzulevich A.P., Anzulevich S.N. «Spectra from a Photonic Crystal Structure with a Metallic Nanoparticle Monolayer», Journal of Applied Spectroscopy, V. 85, Iss. 3, P. 511–516, 2018.

18. Gumenyuk R., Okhotnikova E.O., Filippov V., Korobko D.A., Zolotovskii I.O., Guina M. «Fiber Lasers of Prof. Okhotnikov: Review of the Main Achievements and Breakthrough Technologies», IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, V. 24, Iss. 3, P. 1–14, 2018.

19. Panyaev I., Dadoenkova Y., Zolotovskii I., Sannikov D. «Difference frequency generation of narrow-band THz radiation on the basis of a parametric three-wave interaction in a ZnTe crystal», Optics Communications, V. 426, P. 395–400, 2018.

20. Zolotovskii I.O., Lapin V.A., Sementsov D.I., Fotiadi A.A., Popov S.V. «Generation of high frequency trains of chirped soliton-like pulses in inhomogeneous and cascaded active fiber configurations», Optics Communications, V. 426, P. 333–340, 2018.

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25. Afanas’ev S.A., Zolotovskii I.O., Kadochkin A.S., Moiseev S.G., Svetukhin V. V, Pavlov A.A. «Continuous-wave laser generation of THz slow surface plasmons in an array of single-walled carbon nanotubes», Quantum Electronics, V. 48, Iss. 9, P. 849–853, 2018.

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